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Every drop of your sweat
All the energy that is in your body.
All you sacrifice for me
There is no more beautiful shelter than your physical father

You are a role model in every step of my life
You are a shadow who is always watching over me
When I'm sad, only you can strengthen me

With the soul of your leader
You teach me to be a stronger and braver person
You guide me to become a more independent child
your laugh is my happiness, your anger is sad.
Your passion is my motivation
When you are far away, I pray that God always protects you
For me you are willing to spend time outdoors in the sun

I promise daddy
Will change yourself
Even though my way doesn't completely make you happy
Remember father
I want you to have fun on your old day later

Terjemahan Langsung

Written by :  Ayuandira ( SMA Negeri  6 Pematangsiantar )
Penulisan ini dibimbing oleh Eduardo Sianturi,MPd.
Leader of Kursus Pembina Nusantara (KPN)

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