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So Excited

On the 15th of October 2015, my friends and I went to Pembina Nusantara Course in Bali street. We went there to practice English and meet with American, guest of our teacher, sir Sianturi. He asked us to come and join for two days, but we couldn't come for the second day because it was rain.

Chindy Sitio
When we arrived there, I saw some students had made groups with the American and talk with them. Some groups were inside the building and other groups were outside. There were four groups in a table. Then we came into the building and join with the second group. But before joined the group, there were some stidents and sir Sianturi asked us to replace them. And also there were three girls who joined with us.

We met and greeted with sir Isaiah, one of the guest of America. We made conversation with him and we gave some questions. And also sir Isaiah gave some quustions for us. Sir Isaiah told about himself and about his family. And also he told about his country and he showed his family's photo by his phone. The conversation was happy and funny. We asked about his sosial media account but he just have an email and he gave it to us.

In the last time we asked to sir Isaiah to take some photos together. And also we took some photos with the other guest of America.

I was happy to meet with the guestbof America especially with sir Isaiah. He is handsome and his eyes is so beautiful and blue. He is a goof man. It was the best chance for me and excited. I got experience from the meeting and practice.

I hope I can meet with sir Isaiah again and I hope I can go to his country. And I wish my English can be improve in speaking or in grammar, so I can speak English fluently and grammatically.*

Chindy Sitio
Student of SMK N 3 Pematangsiantar
Live in Tiga Ras

Penulisan ini dibimbing oleh Eduardo Sianturi,MPd.
Leader of Kursus Pembina Nusantara (KPN) bekerjasama dengan media online www.lintaspublik.com, untuk menumbuhkan semangat menulis bagi pelajar.

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