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"When I look Into The Mirror'

I shall not live in vain,
I must get up from my sleep on
Debora M Simanungkalit
I will success in everything of my job
When I start to do a thing
Notthing can change me
Except me myself
I gaze into the future
As though as where I meant to be.
Always plan for that day
And never stop
I wishper to myself
"You can do it"
The only way to get success is
'be yourself'
And always say that you can do it
more and more

Written by Debora M Simanungkalit
Live in Tojai
(Poem dan experience (feeling) to share )

Penulisan ini dibimbing oleh Eduardo Sianturi,MPd.
Leader of Kursus Pembina Nusantara (KPN) bekerjasama dengan media online www.lintaspublik.com untuk mrnumbuhkan semnagat menulis bagi pelajar.

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