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Lost youth

Where are you my young
You are there but I can’t fell you
Where are you my young now?
You are there but unreal
Britny Naomi Turnip

Do you remember with oath ,one which we spelled there ,you knew that mean
There ,you knew and remembered the contents

Owh...young man and young woman
Where is your language?
Where is your language 'the old one'
You wanted to learn
Do you already forget?
Strunggle of the heroes to make Independence

Owh...young man and young women
You must remember your generation
They will ask you
Where is your ancestors 'language?
What is the way to answer it?

Don't let our generation in the weakness
Let us learn
Oh...young man and young woman to grow up new spirit in our soul
One who has ambition and aim
To build state and nation of indonesian to be a great nation
Together we stand.

Written by : Britny Naomi Turnip
Study in SMK N 3 Pematangsiantar

Penulisan artikel ini dibimbing oleh Eduardo Sianturi,MPd.
Leader of Kursus Pembina Nusantara (KPN)

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